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God’s Rose Garden


This C.D. is a collection of ten of songwriter Nell Gillilan's first songs. God's Rose Garden being the very first set to music. It was originally written as a poem for Patty [the singer's] mother, when she lost her oldest daughter to an automobile accident. Five years later, Patty's baby sister was drowned in a scuba diving accident. This poem was then set to music as a tribute to both the sisters, as sung by Patty her self. For the next few years, poem writing became songs for Nell. Patty, along with other great singers from Miramar Church of God, came together to produce just some good old gospel singing on this album. All these songs have special meanings, but God's Rose Garden has an extra special meaning.

King Jesus Reigns


Singer and recording artist Dawn Arnett has been singing since she was about three years old, at her fathers side in camp meetings and revivals, She would pester him nightly to sing. In later years she went out to minister on her own in music. Dawn has sang for Lester Sumeral, T.B.N. and many churches over the U.S. She has ministered on a cruise ship for some few years also toured and sang backup for Grand Ole Opry stars. A quote from Joe Beard owner of J.B. Production studio "That girl stands up there with the best." Dawn has a wide range in style, not just a monotone sound. She is bound to bless you.

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COMING SOON— An Album Featuring The Triumphants performing all new and Original Songs by Nell Gillilan

Freedom Is Not Free

Nikki Lynn began singing at four years of age in church. When special programs came up, Nikki Lynn was always picked to do specials because of her lovely voice. She is now twenty six and still has that lovely childlike voice. When coaxed by her grandmother, [a song writer] she decided to do a C.D. of grandmothers songs. Hopefully it's not a one time deal. We hope to create many more in the future. With such a beautiful, unique voice the world should be blessed, I'm sure you will be

Nikki Lynn Sings For Jesus

The Triumphants

A South Florida Gospel Band